Bear tax? This is an outrage!

February 25, 2005 at 2:56 am (Rant)

I'm getting really sick of people demanding services they refuse to pay for. You know the type: they spent their $300 "rebate" on gas for their Explorer, complain when the state raises the income tax to make up for the huge cuts in federal aid to cities, then file for bankruptcy because they can't pay off their credit card bills. ("But Wal-mart gave me a 5% employee discount on that plasma TV! It was a great deal!")
For example, a group of Portland parents is loudly protesting a recent decision to close 6 city schools. I can't say I blame them. But undoubtedly some of them are the same people who the county is suing for not paying the 1% income tax enacted last year to boost school funding. Or, the people who refuse to pass a funding initiative for a commuter rail extension, twice, and are now whining about not getting a commuter rail extension. Just wait a few decades, and these people will be crying because their retirement funds didn't withstand the massive stock market crash of 2017.



  1. LogJammin said,

    baka-laca-maka mai.What is Metro Council?jalalablog muhammad jihad.

  2. Underused said,

    Let the bears pay the bear tax – I pay the Homer tax.

  3. corthar said,

    taken from your info. page:”I dabbled in conservatism for a time in late 2001/early 2002, going so far as to be a regular listener to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.”*shudders* God, that was scary. Thanks for the supressed memory. ?Good times?

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